Decontamination Services for Law Enforcement and First Responders

When contamination occurs, a rapid, thorough, and cost-effective response is needed.

We clean, sanitize, disinfect and abate odors in your emergency vehicles, holding cells, departments and safety complexes.

New England Decon has the equipment and expertise needed to ensure contaminants receive the treatment necessary to restore your environment. We tailor our services to the environments we treat. For instance, on sensitive equipment, such as electronics, firearms, or cruisers, we often utilize specialized, chemical-free treatments to ensure your equipment is decontaminated – not damaged.

Our Services For First Responders

We Decontaminate Vehicles

We Decontaminate Buildings

We Clean, Sanitize and Deodorize Vehicles

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In our recent work with area first responders, we decontaminated various first responder vehicles, including cruisers and ambulances. The contaminants ranged from COVID-19 to various biohazards. At New England Decon, we understand emergency vehicles often serve as the office and breakroom of first responders, but we also recognize them as a tool to serve our community.


How We Work For You

Sign up for our free enrollment program.  You will receive priority response times and discounted services.  We offer thorough and timely treatment methods for COVID-19 to ensure your vehicles are not out of service for longer than necessary.


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Our Services for the Community

Drug Lab Decontamination

New England Decon remediates properties that have been used as drug labs and where drugs have been used.  Our trained and certified technicians meet or exceed the decontamination procedures and technology based standards to restore former meth labs to a state in which the property can be inhabited again.

Death Cleanup

We know that when someone dies it is devastating for their loved ones, their neighbors and their co-workers, regardless if the death was an accident, a homicide, suicide, due to disease or other natural causes.  Let our trained biohazard technicians take care of the aftermath, on your behalf, to restore your property, so you can grieve the loss of your loved one, your co-worker or your customer and take the steps to heal from the tragedy.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Crimes scenes may include biohazards or illicit drug residue. Our technicians are trained to address the removal of drug residue, tear gas residue and any biohazard materials, as well as sharps. We work closely with law enforcement to ensure any discovered evidence is preserved. Technicians restore property to a safe livable condition, per State and Federal requirements, as quickly as this detailed process can be accomplished.


Hoarding affects you, your family, your friends, your neighbors, your treasured belongings, and your property.  Our team will work with you to make sure your home is cleaned, without causing additional stress or anxiety.  We will help you sort through your belongings and restore your home to a healthy, clean, sanitized, safe environment.

Accident Cleanup

Biohazards in public places create a risk to the community and should be cleaned as they are indoors.  Contact New England Decon to clean up sidewalks, roadways, and staircases after accidents.  Techicians are trained in vehicle decontamination after accidents where blood and tissue are involved.

Tear Gas Cleanup

Tear gas residue in your home or place of business can be seriously hazardous to one’s health.  The residue left from the gas must be remediated in order to alleviate health concens.  New England Decon, a certificd biohazard remdiation company will properly clean up all traces of the gas and restore your environment.

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