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Cleaning up life’s big messes, no matter how unique.

Getting to meet individuals from all over New England is a bonus to the work we do.  Ellen will forever be one of my all-time favorites, she is a real “Salt of the Earth” individual and reminds me a lot of my own mom.  Ellen lost her husband in the last year and then ended up with health issues that made it necessary for her to move out of her home.  Her daughter reached out to us initially and we arranged to meet with her and her mother while she was in town visiting.   All of Ellen’s adult children live out of the state and finding a company that they could trust to help their mom pack up her belongings and ready her house for sale was very important to them.  Over the course of three weeks, we sorted and packed Ellen’s and her late husband’s household belongings.  With her help and instruction, we emptied out every cupboard, drawer, closet, bookshelf, garden shed and her storage unit.  We separated out her items in piles to pack for her move, items to talk to the kids and grandkids about, items to donate to charity, items to give to neighbors, and items to take to the dump.  We took days off in between our time with her so she could mull over her piles to make sure she was sound with her decisions.  On many a day I’d notice something that had been marked to move with her would end up in the donation pile.  I loved the stories she shared associated with some of her family treasures.  It is an honor for me to be invited into the homes of our clients, to handle their personal belongings and to learn of their history as items are sorted, packed, and removed from the property.  Ellen shared recently that her home has sold, this chapter of her life is over, she has moved onto the next chapter, I know the journey ahead of her will be filled with joy and she will be surrounded by her loved ones who trusted us to help her in this transition

Ellen's Story, by Pamela

The Invasion – Skunk Mating Season! Our house on Martha’s Vineyard was invaded by a marauding gang of 10 skunks this past February. They entered a crawlspace under the house with access to the basement. One skunk fell off the crawlspace ledge into the basement, scared itself and sprayed. After hiring a professional trapper to remove the pests, we were lucky to find Jamie and Pamela Whitney the owners of New England Decon. As you can imagine, the odor was strong and permeated the house and basement. The Whitney’s listened and immediately got back to us with an estimate which we accepted. They moved quickly to arrange a ferry and lodging and spent a full day deodorizing and neutralizing the odor in the whole house, crawlspace and basement. There was still a small area where the odor lingered. They came back and gave one more treatment for a half day and the problem was solved. We recommend them unconditionally with full appreciation for their skill and professionalism.

Carole, C,

Summer Home Owner, Massachusetts

New England Decon did an amazing job on our home. We have two dogs and several grand dogs. Even with constant cleaning up after them, it was starting to smell in our house. New England Decon came and Ozone treated our entire home. They were super professional and timely. They did a great job and our home smelled like a brand new home! They even removed a soiled rug and professionally cleaned it and ozoned it. I was ready to replace this expensive rug and now it is like brand new! I highly recommend New England Decon for all your clean up needs.”

Lisa H.

Homeowner, Massachusetts

“After my wife developed a constant cough in our house, we researched what could cause that, and mold was identified as the likely problem. First, we thought it was an old piece of furniture, but when that was gone, we still had an issue. Even though nobody could smell it, and only one of us was affected, we treated the house for mold and the problem was resolved. We are grateful the people from New England Decon had the ability to resolve our sickness issue. Their claim is true, they Restore Your Environment.”


Homeowner, New Hampshire

New England Decon provided us with mold remediation and an anti-mold spray when we had our walls exposed in our kitchen remodel. It’s great piece of mind to know that our home is safe and will be guarded from problems in the future. They were professional, courteous, and thorough – the tech explained everything and had it done fast.

Mo R.

Homeowner, New Hampshire

Do not hesitate to call New England Decon for any of your needs. This company is owned by two of the most honest, dependable and kind people you’ll ever come across in any business. They are compassionate about what is good for the environment and what is good for you as their customers. Both owners are extremely knowledgable about their products and will take the time to explain what it is they are going to use and why. They will show up when they say they are going to be there and they will do what it takes to meet your needs. They often go the extra mile. You will not find another company with more integrity than New England Decon don’t hesitate to call them for any of your cleaning up, cleaning out or decontamination needs. You will be satisfied!

Shelly K.

Homeowner, New Hampshire

“New England Decon saved a 1970s dresser that had been in a storage room for years and years. I moved it into my new apartment, with the confidence that the lingering old furniture odor, the spiders, dust mites and lingering musty storage smells were eliminated.”

Renter, New Hampshire

“We bought a used truck a few years back that must have been previously owned by a farmer. Some days the smell of horse and hay inside the cab was so overpowering we’d have to ride with the windows down. My husband meticulously vacuumed and cleaned the interior, but the smell lingered. We even got new floor mats and it didn’t make a difference. When I heard New England Decon had a car ozone system I knew that’s what we had to try next; and I’m so glad we did! We gave them our smelly truck, and they gave us back a vehicle as fresh as summer rain. They even ran the ozone thru the vents to get all the smelly spots. I liked their attention to detail and friendly approach to customer service. I would highly recommend them!”

Susan R

Truck Owner, New Hampshire

Within a week of filling out their contact form they were over to our house. Our carpets were cleaned and ozoned. I feel like we just got new flooring! Looks and smells so clean.”

Lindsey M.

Home and Pet Owner

“Our clients have a remote cabin that is closed up between uses. With seasonal temperature changes, the interior has become moldy and musty to the point it is not comfortable (or safe) to sleep in the cabin. The cabin has no electricity and is only accessible by boat, but New England Decon took a generator to the site and treated the cabin for mold. Now the owners enjoy summer nights in their family cabin without the unpleasant smell, and the unhealthy conditions associated with mold. We recommend this service to everyone with a camp, cabin, summer home or camper that is closed up for long periods of time and has a musty odor.”

“Thank you New England Decon for eliminating the mold problem in our bathroom. It is no longer an eye sore to guests or family, but more importantly no longer a concern for any health issues. I was experiencing allergy-like symptoms long before the mold was visible, but after the treatments I’ve been waking up less foggy and with no eye or throat irritation. It also relieved a major stressor for me. The technician was very informative. The treatment was fast and we did not have to leave our home. I highly recommend their service, and would use them again if another need ever arises.”

- Jean T

Home Owner

We own a cottage with several “outbuildings” in Nantucket, some of which date back to 1908. There is no climate control in those buildings during the summer which has caused us to wrestle with mold issues that a damp climate from coastal living presents. We were uncertain of who to call but a friend told us about New England Decon and recommended we contact them. We called, had a great conversation with the owner, and coordinated a convenient time for them to come out. Upon arrival, they clearly described what remediation they would be performing and staged the house for treatment. They removed all visible mold and then used an ozone machine  to treat the rooms that were affected. We were amazed how clean and fresh the cottage smelled after the treatment. They also recommended ways to keep the mold at bay in years to come. The folks at New England Decon were courteous, professional, knowledgeable. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone requiring their service.

Don D.

Homeowner, New Hampshire

“We bought a circa 1940 country home a year ago. Before we moved in I noticed that even though the cellar was dry due to a French drain system put in by the previous owner, the garage/workshop area had a strong musty odor. I had the professionals from New England Decon come out and treat for mold. They let us know that without the remediation, anything stored out there might have been contaminated with mold spores, which ultimately, might have been transferred to the inside of the house. I was happy at the price and speed at which they resolved my problem. I would have no problem recommending New England Decon to anyone needing decontamination work.”
Jim L.

Homeowner, New Hampshire

I wanted to thank you for the mold removal of my attic.  You did a great job making sure my family was safe during the process and making sure I knew what was going on with before and after pictures.  It was not an easy job with the heat and humidity.  If I ever have any other mold issues or whatnot, I will definitely call on your services again and recommend you to anyone who needs an issue taken care of.”

Homeowner, Concord, NH 

We found mold in our attic from a water leak and hired New England Decon to remove it. Rees (the project manager) was absolutely wonderful. He removed and disposed of all of the contaminated boxes from the attic and treated the area to remove all traces of what was an unsightly mess. He was careful, neat, considerate of our possessions and all in all just a delight to work with. I cannot recommend them too highly. It is a real pleasure to have someone do a job as thoughtfully and carefully as New England Decon did.

“My husband and I purchased a lovely rug off of Facebook Marketplace. However, we didn’t realize it came from a home with cats, and my husband has allergies. I spent 7 hours vacuuming and shampooing with a carpet-cleaning attachment on a Kirby vacuum, as well as putting it in the sun, vacuuming it again…still the smell of cat persisted! The wonderful folks at New England Decon had it one night and were able to completely remove the cat smell. Now the rug lies on the floor of our bedroom and we have had no odor or allergy problems. Thank you very much!”

Linden, Hopkinton, NH


Hopkinton, NH

“We are so grateful for the team at New England Decon. They eliminated a significant recurring mold problem that was putting our health and finances at risk. The specialist was very polite and extremely knowledgeable. He answered all of our questions and made sure the area was spotless when he left. Five stars.”

- Joseph G.


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