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We’re a local, woman owned company based in Bedford, NH.  New England Decon supports those in crisis, we restore healthy homes and create safe schools and workplaces by remediating compromised environments.

Our Story

For 20 years we have worked in a variety of professional settings where customer service, caring for our community, and working collaboratively with others has been our focus.  Personally, we have experienced health-related issues due to living in a 300-year-old farmhouse that was contaminated with mold.  We have lost elderly loved ones, whose life was shortened due to environmental toxins caused by mold.   We know first hand how health issues due to environmental toxins in the home, schools and the workplace can compromise quality of life, and we are committed to help other’s remedy their situations. 

With Jamie’s deep understanding of biohazards and safety protocols from the healthcare industry, and Pamela’s experience working in the schools, and the community as an educator and a mediator, we are now focusing our expertise to help restore safe places to live, learn, work and socialize. 

Our company, New England Decon, is committed to “Restoring Your Environment.”  We have a team of trained technicians that specialize in mold remediation, hoarding and decluttering cleanup, rodent feces cleanup, odor removal, death clean up, infectious disease decontamination and water restoration. We are committed to our customers, to help resolve environmental issues, quickly and discreetly. 

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