Meth and Fentanyl Lab Decontamination

Decontaminate Your Property and Restore it to a Healthy Habitable, Environment.

New England Decon is a local, woman owned remediation company based in Bedford, NH.  Drug labs can be set up almost anywhere and are found in private residences, motel and hotel rooms, apartments, trailers, automobiles, campgrounds and commercial establishments. Labs are also found in rural outbuildings, barns and other structures that may appear uninhabitable.  We will work with you to remediate your property that has been used as a drug laboratory and restore your environment.  

The Decontamination Process of a Drug Lab is Very Involved.

Here are the steps New England Decon takes to insure your property is safe to inhabit:

  • We conduct pre-remediation sampling to determine contamination levels

  • Develop a cleaning plan that includes HVAC.
  • Remove contaminated materials.

  • Decontaminate walls, floors and other hard surfaces to state or federal standards.

  • Conduct post-remediation testing to verify the standard has been achieved.
  • Provide a final report.

The production and use of methamphetamine (meth) continues to pose considerable challenges in our community. Unfortunately, meth is easy to make, is highly
addictive and its production and use can have serious impacts on both human health and the environment.

New England Decon manages the decontamination of properties that have been used as drug labs and where drugs have been used.   We use trained and certified technicians to restore former meth labs to a state in which the property can be inhabited again.