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  • Get started now. Our team gets the drying process started and works with your insurance agency to restore your environment quickly and professionally.
  • Get your home back in order before more damage is done. Drying must start within 48 hours to prevent mold growth.
  • We clean all categories of water damage, clean water, grey water (sinks and tubs) and black water (sewage).
  • Complete start to finish support so you don’t have to become a contractor to restore order in your home.

If you are like most homeowners, you have questions about water damage and the restoration process. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions:

What Are the Signs of Water Damage?
• Puddles or pools of standing water.
• A musty odor.
• Discoloration of walls, ceilings, or floors.
• Visible mold on your ceiling or walls.
• You hear a drip or sounds of water moving, not associated with a faucet running or a toilet flushing.
• Your house feels colder than normal, or your heater is running more often, these can be signs your walls are damp due to water damage.

Why Is Water Damage So Dangerous?
Standing water is the ideal environment for potentially harmful bacteria and fungi to grow and spread, which can lead to significant health issues, not to mention the damage water and mold will do to the structural integrity to your property over time.

What Causes Water Damage?
The most common causes of water damage are:
• A damaged roof.
• Faulty plumbing fixtures.
• Leaky appliances.
• Seasonal flooding.

How is Water Damage Categorizes?
Water damage is categorized by level of water contamination, the 3 levels are:
• Category 1: Clean water leaks from a broken pipe or supply line.
• Category 2: Involves contaminated, non-potable gray water from a leaky appliance, bath, shower, toilet, or roof that may contain chemicals and microbes.
• Category 3: Highly contaminated flood water or sewer backups that may contain solid waste.

Why should I hire New England Decon?
Restoring water damage usually calls for extracting standing water, drying, cleaning, and disinfecting the area. Depending upon the damage, restoration many also include tearing out and replacing damp or saturated building materials and contents. Except in the case of minor damage that can be quickly fixed and thoroughly dried, water damage cleanup and restoration should be undertaken by trained professionals. New England Decon has pumps for extracting large amounts of water and debris as well as a full range of cleaning, sanitizing, and drying equipment.

How Much Does It Cost To Clean Up Water Damage?
The cost of water damage restoration can range from several hundred dollars up to thousands of dollars for repairing extensive damage resulting from flood conditions. Property owners should do everything that they can to ensure that most mitigation, restoration, and remediation costs are covered under an insurance policy, endorsement, or rider.

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Our Services


When you need a caring, compassionate and discrete team to help you clean up, we are there for you. Hoarding affects you, your family, your friends and your neighbors. Our team will work with you to make sure your home is cleaned, without causing additional stress or anxiety. We will help you sort through your belongings and restore your home to a healthy, clean and safe environment.
Our services include:
• Decluttering and waste removal
• Deep cleaning and disinfection of the premises
• Odor treatment


Odors caused by cooking, smoking, fires or pets diminish the value and enjoyment of your home. More serious odors from decay and mold further limit the value of your property. We address this at the root cause and improve social and financial value of your property.  Homes, cars, campers, boats, summer homes, garages, barns, and antique furniture are areas of expertise. 

Animal feces and urine are heath risks and potential vectors of disease. These are mostly from rodents or birds but may also be from house pets that defecate or urinate inside the home. Thorough cleaning is required to remove the waste and damaged furnishings, in order to prevent ongoing health and odor issues.

More health issues are related to mold than is commonly known, and mold is everywhere in our environment. Mold exposure may cause nasal and sinus congestion, eye irritation, blurred vision, sore throat, chronic cough, skin rash and pneumonia,  and may lead to a weakened immune system.  Our service addresses mold and water issues and restores your space to a healthy environment.


Viruses and bacteria can live from hours to days on surfaces like metal, wood, plastic, paper and cardboard. How long the virus or bacteria survives depends on the material it lands on. Our fogging treatment eliminates bacteria and other viruses in the air and on all surfaces, it penetrates fabric and circulates through air ducts. Depending upon the size of your home or your workplace, our team of certified technicians can fog most spaces in a matter of a few hours.


Crimes scenes may include biohazards or illicit drug residue. Our technicians are trained to address the removal of drug residue, tear gas residue and any biohazard materials, as well as sharps. We work closely with law enforcement to ensure any discovered evidence is preserved. Technicians restore property to a safe livable condition, per State and Federal requirements, as quickly as this detailed process can be accomplished.


Unfortunately, an accident can occur anywhere people gather. The cleanup of blood and biohazards on the site of an accident should be carried out by certified biohazard technicians to ensure that all surfaces are sanitized, and biohazard materials are removed and disposed of properly. Biohazards are made up of human tissue and body fluid that can transmit disease, even in minute quantities.  Biohazard contamination requires cleaning and sanitation to make the area safe to inhabit. Don’t risk contamination and the transmission of unknown bacteria, viruses and disease, rely upon our certified biohazard technicians.


The loss of a loved one is incredibly emotional and the idea of cleaning up afterwards is overwhelming. Let us take care of this for you, our certified technicians know how to safely clean and sanitize the area and dispose of all necessary items. Our team is sympathetic to your loss, they are discreet, and they will work quickly to restore your environment.


Manufacturing and even office buildings experience workplace injuries and industrial accidents. Our technicians are trained to isolate the risk factors, clean buildings and equipment, and get your facility back to work as quickly as possible.  Corporations may retain services by annual contract to manage costs and remove confusion when trauma occurs.


This is the service that goes beyond normal cleaning. We use chemicals geared toward a healthy home after we are done that leave no residue. Our technicians receive specialized training to properly utilize the equipment for improved results.  Opening summer homes or motor homes for the season is a favorite time to perform a cleaning to start the season fresh.


Biohazards in public places create a risk to the community and should be cleaned as they are indoors.  Contact New England Decon to clean up sidewalks, roadways, and staircases after accidents.  Techicians are trained in vehicle decontamination after accidents where blood and tissue are involved.